Kimberly Ackermann · Querflötenlehrerin

Kimberly Ackermann

I have been teaching the flute since 1988. I began my teaching career while studying for my Flute Performance Degree at Florida State University School of Music in TallahasseeFlorida

In September 1991, I relocated to Germany where I secured a position with the Hof Orchestra.

There I resumed teaching first privately, then in 1996 I began teaching at the city run Music School in Kulmbach.

I have taught students ranging from grade 4, to mature adults. 

In Germany I also prepared students  for various “D level” tests offered through the  “Nordbayrischen Musikbundes.” These exams,  test the students on theory, playing ability and ear training. I also prepared students “for “Jugend musiziert” (Competition) and for entrance auditions to study music at a Conservator or University.

My teaching goals are to help advance the students technical playing abilities, playing with a beautiful singing tone at all times being my number one objective. I then am able to guide, form, prepare and accompany the students to higher levels in music.  

I believe that as an Instructor one must keep up ones own skills. I recently took part in the last 8 Years 3 times at Sir James Galway's International Masterclass and 3 times at William Bennett's International Summer School. These classes and others like it keep me well equip with tools for my own students and myself.

Because of my history and my experience in performing and teaching the flute, I can adjust to different levels of music education and to the different requirements of various students individual personalities (profiles). Therefore, bringing the best out of each student.

I would love to get to know you.

Kimberly Ackermann